The six-part Enneagram Professional Training Program (EPTP) is designed for those who would like to pursue teacher certification or use the Enneagram in their professional practice or workplace. Part 1, the Enneagram Intensive, is a five-day foundational program that we also offer as a stand-alone workshop. This course is open to anyone with some prior knowledge of the Enneagram who wants to participate in an intensive growth process in a safe and receptive community dedicated to diversity.

Who should attend

  • Anyone on a path of personal transformation
  • Therapists, counsellors, physicians, nurses
  • Business managers, coaches, trainers
  • Spiritual directors and clergy
  • Teachers and parents

We teach in the Narrative Tradition of people speaking on their own behalf. We have found that the most effective way to teach the Enneagram and recognize personality differences, is through people speaking from their own experience. Much of the learning happens when participants are seated with people of the same type, sharing their insights and personal stories.

The panel interviews bring the Enneagram alive through meaningful conversation and insights. To create a powerful immersion experience, we combine our teachings in the Narrative Tradition with informative lectures, self-observation practices, group exercises by type, guided interactions, movement practices, psychological practices, and deep personal inquiry and reflection.

Graduates of the Enneagram Intensive are eligible to join the The Narrative Enneagram (TNE) as associate members. Upon completion of all six EPTP segments, certified teachers may become professional members of TNE as well as the International Enneagram Association (IEA). All members receive admission to the annual conference, membership directory, subscription to the quarterly journal/newsletter, TALK, and personal and professional networking opportunities.



Part 1: The Enneagram Intensive
A six-day course integrating psychological life and spirit

Also offered as a stand-alone workshop, the Enneagram Intensive offers a full examination of the structure and psychodynamics of the nine personality types, including the basic proposition, instinctual subtypes, patterns of personal reactivity and defence mechanisms. Participants focus on personal development and relationship issues with other types through self-inquiry, process interactions and specific strategies for change.

Facilitator:  Suzette Fischer, Monika Adelfang (faculty support) and Helen Palmer is present through a recorded set of 12 powerful guided meditations.

Pastors receive 30 'VBO' points from Excelsus


Part 2:  Instincts and Subtypes

The Enneagram is a powerful system for learning about ourselves and the people in our lives.  It describes the point of view and the motivation of nine personality types and provides important strategies for our personal growth and relationships.  The study of instincts and subtypes provides further insights about how we can apply the Enneagram for self awareness in daily life.

The Enneagram describes three centres of energy and intelligence that shape the structure and behaviours of our personality type.  The intellectual centre holds our point of view, habit of attention and mental fixation. The emotional centre is home to our feelings, our empathy, and the "passion" of our type.

The body centre contains three major instincts:

Self preservation instinct - guiding our relationships with home, food, security, family and warmth in personal relationship.

One-to-one instinct - fuelling our personal vitality, sexuality, intimate relationships, and our experience of spiritual union.

Social instinct - forming our friendships, our participation in groups and community, and our social identity.

Every person has all three instincts, but one of them becomes more central in our daily lives and relationships - this primary instinct determines our Enneagram subtype.  There are 27 subtypes, three variations of each personality type.  These 27 profiles hold the key to understanding our path in life and our role in the community:  How do we spend our time and energy in daily life?  What are our important projects?  How do we participate in home, neighbourhood, politics or religious activities?  What do we need to feel secure?  What is the role of instinct and emotion?  In our relationships with friends, colleagues and intimate partners, subtype differences (or similarities) can be as important as personality type!

In this workshop we will explore the 3 instincts and look at the 27 subtypes.

The Narrative Tradition panel method helps us to apprciate each person's story and build community.  The format will include nine type panels as well as presentations, guided inner practices, and small-group discussion.  Beginners to the Enneagram are welcome.  If you don't know your instinct, you will likely discover it during the workshop.


Part 3:  Deepening Spiritual Awareness

A 3-day course, integrating psychological life and spirit

Deepening Spiritual Awareness is focused on the transformative potential of your own type structure for higher levels of being.  Our format blends the profound somatic practice of grounded presence with contemplative methods for emptying and focusing the mind.  These 'skilful means' build an inner capacity to recognize and relax emotional passions as they arise - thus 'converting vice to virtue' - the pure life force that sustains us.  These spiritual activities will be debriefed from different type perspectives through panel interviews in the Narrative Tradition, short didactics, inner practices and small groups.


Part 4:  The Typing Process

A 3-day course integrating psychological life and spirit

The Typing Process bring typing and panel interviewing alive with special attention to distinguishing among types using verbal, non-verbal and observational cures.  Practise sessions offer participants a rare- hand-on-opportunity to develop typing and panel interviewing skills with supervision and feedback. 5: The Internship Process  (

Each student work with a mentor from the program.  You will be conducting 20 typing interviews, 6 of which will be reviewed by your mentor.  You will also be conducting 5 panel interviews, 4 of which will be reviewed by your mentor.  Additionally you will be conducting 2 presentations on an Enneagram topic of your choice, which will also be reviewed by your mentor.  The goal is to develop the skills and capacities to effectively present topics on the Enneagram. This one-on-one relationship with an experienced certified teacher provides an excellent context for further learning and practise. Each student also completes a review and submits it to the mentor for assessment and feedback prior to attending Part 6.


Part 6: Professional Certification
Six-day course (repeat of The Enneagram Intensive™ as a certifying candidate)

This repeat of the Enneagram Intensive offers a full examination of the structure and dynamics of the types. During the first round of panels, candidates for teacher certification conduct interviews with support and feedback from staff. Candidates also demonstrate typing skills and receive additional instruction. The second round of panels further integrates the material. Graduates receive a Certificate of Completion and are eligible to use the Licensed Teaching Materials Package. SCHEDULE AND FEES

Part 1 (and Part 6 - for certifying students)  : The Enneagram Intensive - 6 Day Workshop

Facilitator: Suzette Fischer and Monika Adelfang (faculty support)

Where:  Cricklewood Manor Boutique Hotel, Waterkloof, Pretoria, RSA

When:  10 - 15 March 2020


Part 2:  Instincts and Sub-Types 

Facilitator: Suzette Fischer and Monika Adelfang (faculty support)

Date:  23 - 25 August 2019

Costs:  R9500.00

Venue:  Cricklewood Manor Boutique Hotel, Albert Street, Waterkloof, Pretoria, RSA

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Part 3:  Deepening Spiritual Awareness 

Facilitator: Suzette Fischer and Monika Adelfang (faculty support)

Date:  22 - 24 November 2019

Venue:  Cricklewood Manor Boutique Hotel, Albert Street, Waterkloof, Pretoria, RSA

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Part 4: The Typing Process 

Facilitators: Suzette Fischer and Monika Adelfang (faculty support)

Date: 30 October 2020 - 1 Novembe2 2020

Venue: Cricklewood Manor Boutique Hotel, Albert Street, Waterkloof, Pretoria, RSA

More info under: "WORKSHOPS"